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Bastiaan Vandendriessche studied International Political Sciences at the University of Ghent. After his master (2013) he studied Drama (Kleinkunst) at the Conservatory of Antwerp (2013-17). With his controversial debut De Fuut, he won the Best International Performance Award at Amsterdam Fringe (2017). After a tour through the Netherlands, he translated the play and travelled with it to England and Scotland (Big in Belgium, 2018). Later he created A White Man's Burden (2018) for Theater Rotterdam, and Mono for M-museum Leuven (with Jotka Bauwens). In 2019, he performed Mockingbird (his once in a lifetime experiment in De Minard), and wrote 'Ode aan Buldegart ' which premiered in De Brakke Grond. 'Ode aan Buldegart' has been nominated for the 'Toneelschrijfprijs 2020' and has been translated to French in 2022 by Mike Tijssens (supported by KVS).  As an actor, he has been working with Ontroerend Goed since 2017, performing in £¥€$, Fight Night, Are we not drawn onward to new erA and Every Word Was Once an Animal. In 2019 he also made a remake of WOLK (4Hoog) with Frans van der Aa and Hazel Lam. In 2023 he cocreated 'De Duivels' with Krapp in the KVS. His latest play is called 'Dorian' (2021), where he investigated his/our relationship towards vanity and the use of social media, inspired by Instagram and the classic 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde. Currently he is working on a writingproject called 'Staart, op korte en hopelijk erna lange liefde' (supported by LiteratuurVlaanderen) and he is exploring his first love: music.


De Fuut - Zuidpool - tour 2017-2019

A Lolitanesque monologue about a seascoutsleader and his forbidden desires.

Coaching: Peter Seynaeve
Support: Zuidpool

A white man's burden - Theater Rotterdam - tour 2018

In his performance  'A white man's burden' Bastiaan Vandendriessche investigates 'white guilt' 

Coaching: Sascha Bornkamp 
Support: Theater Rotterdam


Mono -  with Jotka Bauwens - M-museum Leuven - tour 2018/2019

In Mono Jotka Bauwens (choreographer) and Bastiaan Vandendriessche (performer) investigated the  poetry in a wordless connection between a man and a woman. With nothing more than one spot and a couple of chairs they install an image that seems to live a life on it's own. How these two relate to each other is partly up to the audience: they get a headphone which they cannot take of, they hear music that isolates them from the outside world. The perpetuation of a moment. Until disturbance appears.

Support: M-Museum Leuven

Mockingbird - De Minard - 2019

Mockingbird was a once-in-a-lifetime-performance in de Minard where Bastiaan Vandendriessche danced his way through a shameful act of failing.

Support: De Minard

Ode aan Buldegart - De Brakke Grond/Zuidpool - tour 2019

In 'Ode aan Buldegart' Bastiaan Vandendriessche tells the story of two unconventional lovers somewhere, a long long time ago, deep into the fields of Flanders.

Finalist Toneelschrijfprijs 2020


''  'Ode aan Buldegart’ is een oproep om het wilde, het woeste, het vleselijke en lelijke te koesteren en omarmen. Een kleurrijke tekst rijk aan verbeelding, schwung, humor en levenslust waarin Bastiaan Vandendriessche ons laat vallen voor twee giganten die elkaars groteske, afzichtelijke werkelijkheid adoreren en de lezer daar weerloos in meeslepen.''

Dorian (2019-2021):

A performative experiment on Instagram resulted in a monologue about our relationship towards vanity and social media.

Coaching: Peter Seynaeve
Support: Literatuur Vlaanderen, DeAuteurs, Zuidpool, Stad Gent


“’How to relate to social media? In-between Instagram and Oscar Wilde”


Inspired by the classic The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Bastiaan Vandendriessche loses himself in the trap of vanity and stumbles upon a sickening never-ending search in the digital profiling app Instagram. With his alter ego Dorian he tries to find his way through the colorful gra(e)y, without knowing if he will ever be able to escape his reflection in the mirror that inflicted the process from the beginning. 


TRIGGER WARNING: mental health issues and suicide, like in the novel.

Coaching: Peter Seynaeve

Support: Literatuur Vlaanderen, DeAuteurs, Zuidpool, Stad Gent, DeMinard


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